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Terms and Conditions

This service agreement is to help serve our customers and Complete Garage Doors. Informed decisions are the key to a successful investment. Our customers have the right to invest in their garage door and garage door opener as they see fit.


Approved work is invoiced immediately after services have been provided. A receipt will be emailed immediately upon payment.


Parts Warranty only covers the cost of parts. Warranty length will be on your quote in the applicable line item or in the manufacturers manual. Labor rate and trip charges will still apply to on-site service.


If you have a warranty claim, please call the office at (616) 916-4362 and we will start the claim process. Parts that fail with normal wear and tear are covered. Negligence, User Error, Acts of God, and/or damage caused by failure to properly maintain the garage door will not be covered.


Labor is warrantied on all new doors and openers for one year. Repairs qualify for a 30 day warranty as long as they are dent, rip, tear, and crack free. Problems that are persisting after 30 days will incur a service fee to come out and assess the situation. Warranties are non transferable unless otherwise stated in writing. Ask a Complete Garage Doors representative about extended labor warranties.


Most new door purchases require a minimum deposit of 50%; full view aluminum doors and any commercial installation require a 70% deposit. If a door is purchased with one of Complete Garage Doors payment option partners, no deposit is required.


Customer cancellation of new door orders can take place for 3 days, after which a 50% of the full invoice amount will be assessed for restocking and cancellation fee. All special order doors will be ordered after the three day period. If you wish to waive the right of the Three Day Right to Cancel Law with written notice, CGD will place your order for production immediately for quickest turnaround time.


All checks returned for any reason will incur a fee of $35.00. In the event of such a situation, Complete Garage Doors reserves the right to request payment via cashier's check or money order. It is understood that if the customer defaults on this agreement, they will be liable for any collection fees, court expenses, and reasonable attorney's fees. In the case of any dispute requiring litigation or arbitration, the prevailing party will be entitled to the reimbursement for all reasonable attorney fees and associated costs, including but not limited to expert witness fees, investigator fees, arbitration expenses, and court fees.


I acknowledge that Complete Garage Doors holds no responsibility for potential future damages to my door arising from failure to adhere to the technicians recommendations. Acknowledging the technician's evaluation of the garage door and opener during the inspection is essential to understand that a passing grade doesn't assure the ongoing performance of individual components.


I acknowledge that a Service Call fee will be charged to align sensors, program and adjust the opener and its activation components, etc. All Service Call fees are currently $75.00. Current hourly rate is $128.00. Minimum hourly charge is a half hour.

I understand the recommended repairs and agree to pay the full invoice upon completion. It's clear that addressing these recommendations is crucial for the proper functioning of my door.


I understand that the garage door and the garage door opener are two separate entities and that our working on one does not guarantee that the other one will function properly (e.g. doors that are not properly balanced will cause strain on the opener that could cause the life expectancy of the opener to be shortened).


All new garage door openers come with a manufacturer warranty and manual. Complete Garage Doors is here to assist with manufacturer warranty concerns whenever feasible, although there may be a service call fee incurred. For detailed information regarding warranties, please refer to the manufacturers manual or website.

In the spirit of mutual understanding and cooperation, Complete Garage Doors kindly asks for and is graciously granted a complete release from liability regarding any costs or damages associated with the replacement, repair, or compensation of any kind. This release applies to all forms of structural, physical, or property damage within the customer's home, garage, and property boundaries.


Thank you for counting on Complete Garage Doors to serve you and your garage door and opener equipment.

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